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Dehydration presses type ESP

The dehydration screw press type ESP functions in such a way that a worm pushes the materials which can be drained by a punched, adjustable cone. By the holes in the cone the liquid can escape, whereby the same is trapped in a catch pan. The cone adjustment is required due to different container sizes and material thicknesses. The machine is suitable for yogurt packing, Tetra packs and packed mixed organic waste after shreddering. The machine is not suitable for full cans and PET bottles without pre-treatment.

Example of a drainage of shreddered and washed container remainders, with which still liquid adhering are present by water and/or product adhering.

Drainage by remainder packing with those mixed organic waste to be packed.

Example of a press of the type ESP for the press in of yogurt pots and soft packaging as well as mixed organic waste. The drainage takes place within the range of the conical pipe.