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Recycling presses type EVP

The recycling presses of the type EVP functions, as a hydraulic cylinder drives against a sliding plate, which presses full packaging against this plate. Contents can escape by holes in the press pipe during itself the empty pressed out packaging before the sliding plate to collect. The full packaging are thus emptied and compressed in one operation step. To be emptied full beverage and cans, yogurt products, soft packaging, PET bottles, mixed organic products like e.g. fruit, vegetable, sausage, meat etc. the machine in several sizes for work amounts of 2 - 20 m³/hour are manufactured. Usually the machines are completely in high-grade steel production. Filling the machine can take place by hand, with conveyor belt, lifting tilting equipment or fork lifter turnarround equipment. Depending upon material which can be pressed out this can be removed with a gyroscope or a spiral pump or be run directly into a pit. The pressed out empty packaging can be trapped in a box or be conveyed by an extended pressing out pipe directly to a large container. With longer distances a conveyor belt is required. Depending upon procurement of the packing a pretreatment can become required by piercing rollers or a shredder.

pressing degrees

Example of a machine with full PET bottles to be empty-pressed. Pre-treatment by piercing roller required.

Example of a machine with full PET bottles to be empty-pressed. Pre-Treatment by piercing roller required.

Sketch of an example list, a EVP with filling by a conveyor belt a work revision stage, catch pan with radial-flow pump and extended material ejection pipe for direct filling into a container of these could be also outside of buildings.